Jude & Mick // Mess the Dress Post Wedding Shoot

Jude & Mick // Mess the Dress Post Wedding Shoot

When Jude announced that she was going to be making her Wedding dress no one was that surprised. Jude is just like that and talented enough to pull it off! It was clear to us from the beginning that we simply had to do a ‘Mess the Dress Post Wedding Shoot’ as you don’t get to work with a bride in a homemade Wedding dress all that often!

However concern did begin to grow as the date of the Wedding drew nearer but the ‘dress’ was still a pile of fabric and a vision inside Jude’s head.

There were some veiled threats about Jude being banned from her own hen do by her sisters if she hadn’t finished her dress by then but that didn’t work and so I turned up the morning of the Wedding to Jude’s childhood home in Co. Cork to find her in her pyjamas at the sewing machine ‘just making the finishing touches….’

Somehow she was still as cool headed as they come with the clock ticking down to the hour she was to say ‘I do’ and her Wedding skirt still to be finished. I don’t think there are many brides who could pull it off. Jude is however one of a rare kind!

We will come back to share our favourite images from Jude & Mick’s big day itself but for now we would like to share the full set of images from Jude and Mick’s ‘Mess the Dress Post Wedding Shoot’ first!

What is a ‘Mess the Dress Post Wedding Shoot’ you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s quite simple really. It’s a Photo Shoot which is (ideally) just after the Wedding day itself but where you head off to an epic location (one you probably wouldn’t have time to get to on the day of the Wedding itself) or somewhere you run the risk of messing up your beautiful dress (but don’t have to worry about walking around for the rest of your Wedding Day with a mud patch on you!) Or if you simply want to spend a few hours, exploring, adventuring and taking some awesome couple photos in your Wedding gear without the nagging worry of whether your guests have drunk the free bar dry yet or whether Aunty Marge has punched Uncle Albert in the nose yet…. I hope you get the picture (& enjoy the pictures below…)

On this particular occasion myself, Jack, Jude & Mick all bundled into the car and headed off down to West Cork with a rough location in mind. We took the afternoon as it came, stopping on the side of the road and climbing into fields if we saw a beautiful patch of light or simply stopping in the middle of the road (it was rural West Cork, we barely passed another soul) to get a shot of Mick & Jude dancing down the grass verge in the middle of a country lane. The shoot finished up on a mountain pass on the Beara Peninsula right on the Cork/Kerry border and very near to a spot called ‘The Hungry Hill Bog.’ It might just be us that find that name amusing…?

I think it’s fair to say there was a ‘nip’ in the air… it was the 3rd of December after all but it really was a dream team effort and Jude was an absolute warrior stripping down to her sparkly top under her gorgeous jumper for a few shots right at the end of the day.

To work with couples who are up for an adventure, will brave the elements to get ‘the shot’ and who ultimately have a vision for their Wedding Photography is an absolute dream. Jude & Mick ticked all those boxes and we had an absolute blast (and some excellent cake and tea in the middle of the day!)

If you would like to find out more about the Photography services we offer please get in touch and I hope you enjoy the images below.

Also isn’t Jude’s skirt simply amazing?

Ciara + Jack

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