Why a Pre Wedding Couple Shoot is the best decision…. EVER!

Why a Pre Wedding Couple Shoot is the best decision…. EVER!

Do you know what every single one of my couples has in common? Go on have a guess…. well, yes alright they’re usually getting married at some point…. but there are a few exceptions where they just want a Photo Shoot…. so no it’s not that….

It’s a FEAR OF BEING PHOTOGRAPHED! And you know what, I have one too! I get it.

In my many years of being a professional photographer I am yet to come across ANYONE who jumps up and down and exclaims SHOOT ME, SHOOT ME… Aside from the obvious potential of that statement being misunderstood…. there are always nerves involved when it comes to photography… even for those who find it slightly less terrifying than everyone else!

STOP RIGHT THERE I say. I know exactly what you need!
My couples look at me in wonder. I have the magical answer to their nightmarish problem…. They know they want beautiful photos so they can relive their day forever….
Why does everyone else look so relaxed and genuinely happy in their photos…
They must all actually enjoy being photographed….
They obviously don’t have the same fears as I do….
Thinks, well, absolutely everyone.
The answer, they beg of me. How can you make me feel less like I’m going to turn into the tin man the second you point your camera in my general direction????
A Pre Wedding Couple Shoot I say
Their faces fall.
You mean TWO occasions where we’re going to have to endure the painful process of having our picture taken….
Abso-bloody-lutley YES

I cannot stress more highly how helpful, important and sometimes even FUN this pre wedding couple shoot turns out to be!

Even if it’s the night before your actual Wedding like these two below….

It is the number #1 way to guarantee you will have one less thing to stress about on your Wedding day! You will quickly realise that I like to spend quite a lot of time hiding in bushes, lying in long grass or climbing on something entirely unsuitable to get the perfect shot. Meanwhile you and the love of your life are busy having a good old cuddle (any excuse is good enough for one of these in my books!), whispering ridiculous things into each other’s ears and generally having a grand old time having completely forgotten that I’m stuck up a high old crumbly castle wall with my camera…

It is an absolute guarantee that you will worry less about your photos on your Wedding Day!

I pinkie promise it!

Ciara x

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Andrea & Dotun // Engagement Shoot

Andrea & Dotun // Engagement Shoot

With only 10 sleeps to go before Andrea & Dotun’s Wedding Day I wanted to share some of my favourite images from their Engagement Shoot in Ireland last Summer!

We started the session at Muckross House in Killarney, Co, Kerry before winding up some spectacular roads in the national park to the ‘Ladies View’ point.

We’re so excited to be heading down to London in 10 days time to photograph their big day!

Ciara + Jack

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