Andrea & Dotun // Sopwell House

Andrea & Dotun // Sopwell House

The sun is most certainly back out to celebrate Andrea & Dotun’s one year anniversary and I really hope that there is time in both Andrea & Dotun’s crazy NHS schedules to allow for a little celebrating today. Most definitely not in the way I’m sure they were expecting but I’m sure there will be many many years in the future to make up for it.

I hope some of my favourite images from this day last year can transport you back to a time pre-pandemic when the only things to worry about were co-ordinating incredible outfit changes and making sure no one knocked over the Wedding cake while performing an impressive ‘dance to the Wedding Breakfast’ number!

Andrea & Dotun’s day was incredible. There was everything you could expect from a Nigerian Wedding combined with everything you could expect from an Irish Wedding and the results made for a day full to the brim of emotion, colour, laughter, epic dancing, excellent food and a pair of very cute ducks… a nurse and a surgeon fittingly!

I hope you enjoy the selection of images below and lets hope everyones Wedding plans can get back on track soon!

Stay well, stay safe.

Ciara x

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